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For customers with issues checking in

To Dear Guests Staying at DOYANEN HOTELS, we have implemented a contactless check-in system. If you encounter any difficulties, please refer to the following instructions for troubleshooting.


  • Please scan the QR code in front of the hotel gate.

  • Please use the name of the representative registered at the time of booking (only one individual).

Once all information has been entered you will be able to receive your room number and passcode for room key box and pass code for hotel entrance. 

 ***Please press # after passcode (XXXX#)


Important Points

Please make sure to enter the name of the representative who made the reservation.

☒Common Mistakes☒

●    Searching for the names of all guests at the same time

●    Searching with a name different from the one used at the time of booking

●    If you made a reservation through an external booking website, the name you registered may be written in a different language or may contain typos. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please check your name as per registered on the respective booking websites (e.g., Expedia).

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